ULTRA Teamspeak 3 Server

For the league, Administrative and talks we have given you a TeamSpeak server asked version 3 is available.


You can reach the server via the following address:
The TeamSpeak Password: "ultra"


The first two channels can be accessed by every player, the other two channels are the league management and the development team reserved.
Exceptions You will be taken from us in the channel.


The Teamspeak Viewer (below) shows you what is currently going on in the current ULTRA TS:


Additional information available under: TSViewer.com - ULTRA Teamspeak 3


ULTRA Gameserver

For the current week held games we have a eingenen gameserver.

It runs 24/7 and is outside the playing days ULTRA Warfare already.
The server is accessible to any player or who are interesting. The password is "ultra"



Should not the ULTRA Warfare run a player must be elected Admin to  
to configure it like the mission and start.


For technical problems you is "Celious" gladly at your disposal. His contact details are listed here:


Link (Siehe Abschnitt Ligateam)

Additional information under: Gametracker - ULTRA Server