What's the ULTRA ?

Meaning behind the name

In a time of war, which lasted for more than thirty years, Cardinal Richelieu the servant of King Louis XIII. of France, ordered to write the words "Ultima Ratio Regum" to their guns. This sign was meant as a commentary on what happens when diplomacy fails and all peaceful means have been exhausted. It's the escalation of violence between men by the will of their sovereign and is called war.

For whom the ULTRA is?

Those who like to crawl in the dirt and like it even more exciting is the right place! It is not only played by an entire island in the style of Warfare (CTI), no, it still wait dozens of side missions in addition to the conquest and defense orders for you!

The Ultima Ratio is a clan-wide project in which up to 60 players compete against each other and play for domination of Thernarussia. Weapons and vehicles must be purchased. However, they can also be captured from the battlefield and can also be used in later games.

Equipment and soldiers are to be purchased  before each game in a assembled team mangement site. Which then automatically creates the whole mission for the day. The virtual money had to be earned from conquered towns. Without manual manipulation each game is different.

For each player only one life is available per game - so Dead is Dead! Thus, the ULTRA offers an absolutely thrilling and exciting atmosphere examines second to none.